DiVA Connect VMS - Security Software for Financial Institutions

connect_vms_kl_eDiVA Connect VMS is the latest security software from MAKU.

It includes all features for the secure operation of self-service areas and checkout zones. All transactions in the foyer and the checkout area can be retraced with the image and journal archive.

DiVA Connect VMS operates on Cisco platforms which can be integrated into the service and has been enabled for the operation in bank networks by all data centres.
Diva Connect VMS operates via the web browser and offers several high-performance features.

The most important performance features:suche_volltext_kl
Intuitive interface via the web browser
Compliance with the privacy policy
Certified according to the German standard BGV “Kassen”
User-friendly and fast image and data research
Intelligent image analysis
Automatic reference image comparison
Automatic function check of the cameras
Control and administration of clients
Central system management
Modular software structure -> connection of further software modules, if necessary
No plug-ins (e.g. Active-X) necessary