Cisco Components for Use in Physical Security Solutions

cisco_makuCisco network components such as Multiservices Platform (MSP) or Integrated Services Router (ISR) are the basis of the physical security solution.

It is thus integrated in the borderless network architecture and offers the possibility to network branches safely, reliably and efficiently with the central office. The scalability of the architecture makes it possible to integrate both the smallest self-service sites as well as large central offices.

The Cisco components correspond to the performance requirements for next generation LAN/WAN services.cisco_komp_kl_e

Scalability, performance and flexible adaptation of the services to the respective demands result in the known high protection of investments.

Within the physical security solution, the platform provides the memory for the image and journal database. In addition, it offers an extensive management and support of all popular IP based cameras with the highest possible availability at the same time.

The most important performance features:

High transmission rate in LAN/WAN.

High internal memory space.

High redundancy due to system emergency and system management features.

Support and management of several VAGs
Secure conversion to cloud and virtual network services

Increased energy efficiency due to the control of individual modules

Cisco ISR Router

Cisco MSP

(Image sources: Cisco Systems Inc.)